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BREXIT vs the World Trade Orginisation (WTO)

What is wrong with using WTO rules as the basis for Brexit? The majority of the world trades this way, so why is the trade with Europe so different? Here are a few points which are in the ‘Common Sense’ domain If the UK end up solely on WTO rules, then there is no need […]
by Marc Bandemer / 2019-09-06 /In In The Media

The Positive Side Of BREXIT.?

I was in a discussion at one of our local universities recently and found myself in a spontaneous political debate about the UK’s political ethics, with a few like-minded PhD Doctorates as also a Professor or two. The conversation waded into the murky Brexit river and the resulting opinions and common sense arguments which prevailed […]
by Marc Bandemer / 2019-07-15 /In In The Media
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